GPT for the Command-Line

How2 uses AI models to suggest shell commands, right from your Unix Terminal.
Free up to 5 queries per day.

How does it work?

Behind the curtain How2 uses a couple of different AI models retrained on Bash/Zsh commands. But this is early days: we are improving the models to be very focussed on the Command Line experience.

5 Free queries/day

We are doing our best to keep it free for most users. Consider subscribing if you need more.
For any question contact Custome service.

It's safe

How2 will never run a command for you, it just proposes options.
We take extra care to prevent any code injection or misuse: some queries might be rejected on this basis.

Quickly create
Bash scripts

How2 can create quick Bash scripts for you. If it doesn't give you the answer you were looking for, try rewording your prompt.
For example by adding "for loop" or "bash script" or "one liner" at the end. With big language models a little rewording goes a long way!

Add -s to search StackOverflow

By default How2 uses an AI model trained on Bash/ZSh programs.
But if you pass the -s option, it searches StackOverflow via Google.

Works with
PowerShell too

It understands the context and plays nicely with PowerShell too.



brew tap how2terminal/how2
brew install how2

Ubuntu / Debian

sudo dpkg -i how2.deb
Or download manually:

via npm

sudo npm install -g how2

If you install it without sudo,
then run it with npx how2